Garage Door Repair

If you are in need of any kind of garage door repairs in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach Redondo Beach, or the surrounding areas, Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates is the trusted name in the industry for years now. Whatever you need done to fix your garage door, our fully licensed and insured technicians have all of the necessary experience and expertise to get the job completed the right way, the first time, in a fast and efficient manner. We also have partners around the entire country so wherever you are you can call us. We always stay updated on changes in safety regulations and industry standards, and we place the safety and satisfaction of our customers at a premium. We take great pride in providing garage door repair services that are reliable, affordable, and trustworthy.

Garage Door Repairs on All Makes and Models

A garage door system is made up of many complicated and intricate moving parts, and you can’t afford to run the risk of fixing it yourself – as tempting as that might be. DIY projects can be very rewarding and accomplishing once they are complete, but a garage door opener repair project is one that is best left to the professionals. Attempting a project like fixing a garage door is something that is extremely dangerous, and has caused both serious injury and damage to homes and property. Let the pros here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates take the pressure off, alleviate your concerns and attend to your garage door opener repair needs affordably and effectively. 

We have many years of experience repairing all of the popular garage door opener brands, such as: 

  • Craftsman
  • Chamberlain
  • Genie
  • Liftmaster
  • Overhead Door
  • And more

There are various types of garage door openers that depend on your individual system. What you need to be repaired will depend on what your specific garage door. Some of the most common types of garage door openers are:

  • Screw Drive Trolley Openers
  • Chain Drive Trolley Openers 
  • Side Mount Jackshaft Openers
  • Belt Drive Trolley Openers

Common Garage Door Opener Issues

Whether you are in need of garage door spring repair, garage door opener repair, garage door or gate installation, or anything in between, you have come to the right place by trusting the expert technicians here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates. There are many common garage door opener issues that we have seen. We have seen and done it all when it comes to fixing garage doors here in the South Bay area. Not only do we do business here, but we are residents, homeowners and friends as well. We care about the safety, security and quality of all of our neighbors and customers. 

If you are in need of services to fix your garage door, we have years of experience repairing, installing, servicing and maintaining the top brands and most popular materials – such as wood, fiberglass, or metal. We have extensive knowledge about many of the popular smart garage door openers, and how they connect to the rest of the smart devices in your home. 

Some of the most common garage door opener issues include: 

  • Doors that close entirely, then quickly return to the open position. The reason for this is likely because of the automatic safety features found on most modern doors. When sensors detect an obstruction, this will return the door to the open position for safety reasons. There are limits placed on your door that may need to be reset. This takes only a few minutes.
  • If you have trouble opening and closing your garage door, you might have some electrical issues. One of the most common electrical issues happens because of a worn-out or fried circuit boards. If your garage door remote stops working, this could be the case. Alternatively, your voltage wires could get damaged, which would cause the photo lense to detect an obstruction and prevent closure. 
  • Does your garage door make grinding noises when you try to open or close it? This is a clear indicator of the need to replace parts like sprockets or gears.

While most of the common garage door opener issues can be fixed by addressing the photo lens, sometimes parts need to be replaced. These parts aren’t always available if your garage door is ten years old or more. Your garage door repair expert will be able to answer any questions about your specific needs.

We stand behind the quality work that we do, as well as placing the utmost concern for the satisfaction of our customers. We guarantee every customer will be satisfied with any kind of job that we do for them. Every technician we hire or work with must be insured and licensed, knowledgeable of industry trends and safety standards, and keep up to date with the latest garage door opener repair services and smart door innovations. 

We are also happy to provide our customers with gate installation and repair for their homes and properties. Just as a high-quality garage door installation can increase the property value and security of your home, the same holds true for residential gate installation. Feel free to contact us today for a free in-person quote for your garage door opener repair, or you can use our contact form right here on our website.

Garage Door Opener Safety

Did you know? The garage door on a modern-day home takes up about 40% of its entire exterior! Obviously, the functionality and safety of a garage door on today’s homes is of the utmost importance. As a homeowner or a commercial property owner, nothing is worse than a garage door that isn’t functioning properly. And of course, these incidents always seem to happen at the worst possible times – such as around 3 in the morning, or on Christmas, or in bad weather.

To test the safety of your garage door opener, there are 3 tests you can run. 

  1. Reversal Test. Due to a law that was passed by the federal government in 1993, all garage door openers are required to have a reverse feature. To start this test, make sure your door is balanced properly. Next, close the door entirely and operate the release mechanism to operate the door by hand. Open the door manually. It shouldn’t give any resistance and should stay open about four feet above the ground. If this isn’t the case, it’s unbalanced and could present a safety hazard. 
  2. Photo Eye Test. Just like an automatic reversal, all openers are required to have photo eyes. These eyes use laser sensors to detect obstructions and prevent your door from closing. To test your photo eyes, use an object to block the photo eyes. If the door reverses automatically, your eyes should be functioning properly. If the door closes, this is an indication that you need repairs. 
  3. Force Test. Start with your door open and then close it. As it closes, force it back up. It should automatically reverse and open. If it doesn’t you may need to adjust the settings on the reverse feature. 

We take Garage Door Opener Safety very seriously! If you need emergency garage door repair services, the experts here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates have you covered. We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we always strive to provide emergency repair services as quickly, efficiently and affordably as possible. The second you notice an emergency fix is needed for your home’s garage door in the areas of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, give us a call immediately and we will get back to you as soon as possible and address the issue often the same day you call us. Don’t take any chances when it comes to garage door opener safety.