Garage Door Sensors

Your garage door sensors are extremely important when it comes to ensuring the safety of everyone coming in and out of the garage. Safety Standards for garage door sensors were set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission back in 1991, through a law that was passed establishing these standards. This law states that all consumer garage doors must be equipped with an inherent reversing mechanism. Garage door sensors are responsible for sending signals to this mechanism, which will automatically reverse a closing door back into the opening position if any object in its way is detected. This essential safety feature will pick up movement from any person or object in the way of the door when closing, and then it should automatically open back up. If it doesn’t, this could be dangerous, especially if you live with young children or the elderly. There could be a number of different reasons you might need garage door opener sensor repair, replacement, or maybe even just a quick and easy fix. You can call us if you need any help detecting the reason.

Garage Door Laser Sensor Not Working? Here’s Why 

If you notice your garage door sensor not working, the reason for it could simply be that there is dirt, debris, or cobwebs in the way of its lens. The solution to this problem is very easy, just brush off the dirt or debris or take a mild cleaning solution to it. Another reason for your garage door laser sensor not working could be the screws that are used to attach the LED lights to the safety sensors are loose, especially if you have an older door. This causes them to come off center and will result in your garage door laser sensor not working. If you notice that any screws are loose with your garage door sensors, just take a screwdriver to them and tighten them up. 

The brackets used for garage door sensors are made of soft aluminum and are therefore easily bent if someone accidentally kicks them, or if a child bumps into one while playing in the driveway and the door is left open. If the garage door sensor brackets are bent, the digital eyes of the sensor lens will be off center, thus being the cause of the garage door laser sensor not working. Just as these brackets can easily be bent in the wrong direction, they can be bent back in place by using your hands as well. 

If you need to recalibrate your garage door safety sensors, we recommend doing so in the evening. This way, you can ensure that you easily see the garage door sensor indicator lights. If your garage door sensors are not aligned properly, there are indicator lights that will blink. When it is aligned the right way, some garage doors have lights that remain light to let you know as well. You can see these lights easiest when it’s a little bit darker outside, but not too dark to make adjustments if need be. This is why recommend doing so in the evening. 

Garage Door Sensor Repair in Your Area

If your garage door sensor still doesn’t function properly, even after you clean the sensor lens, adjust the aluminum brackets, or tighten loose screws, you probably need to address a potentially deeper issue. The expert garage door sensor repair technicians here at Beach Cities Garage Doors and Gates have years of experience dealing with these issues. We will run some tests and diagnose the problem, and then fix the issue to make sure the safety of your garage door is returned to your home as soon as possible. If you are in need of new garage door sensor repair or installation, we will handle that quickly, efficiently and affordably. We guarantee the satisfaction of all of our customers, and we take your safety very seriously. Garage door sensors are a crucial part of ensuring the safety of your home and its inhabitants, so don’t ignore the problem. Give us a call to request a free quote for your garage door sensor repair.